How To Make A Rolls Royce Limousine – Electric DIY Toy Car

How To Make A Rolls Royce Limousine – Electric DIY Toy Car


Would You Like To Create Your Own Luxurious Limousine ?

The Rolls Royce And The Bentley Are Best Known For Manufacturing Luxurious And Fantastic Cars. Both Of The Companies Are Well Known Around The World For Their Custom Choice Of Luxurious And Quality Vehicles.

Here,We Are Going to learn to make an Custom Rolls Royce/Bentley Limousine.

So Let’s Start making Your Own Limousine!

  • Required Materials.

  • 1 DC Motor
  • 2 Switches
  • Set Of Tyre
  • Cardboard
  • Pully and belt
  • 2 Red & 2 White LEDs
  • Ice-cream Sticks


  • Enthusiasm !

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Here Is A Full Video Of Making The Car: How To Make Rolls Royce Limousine

Step 1:




  • Create All Templates.
  • Make Basic Designs
  • Download Images Of the Car For Your Reference to Design Your Own One.





  • Make Chassis.
  • Use The Template.

Step 3:


  • Create Body Of The Car Using Cardboard and Glue.
  • Give It A Shape You Desire.
  • After The Finishing Your Car’s Body, Do A Nice Color Work On It.


Now Enjoy The Car Made By Your Self.


It Seems like you have An Amazing Enthusiasm And Skills To Create Your Own Designs And Produce More DIY Functions.


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Do You Know?

  •         RollsRoyce Ltd was a car and airplane engine manufacturing company founded in 1906 by Charles Stewart Rolls and Frederick Henry Royce. The same year, the company introduced its first car, the Silver Ghost. The car ran non-stop for a record-breaking 24,000 km. The company was nationalized by the UK government in 1971.