How To Make Electric Car At Home – Own Design SUV (4X4)

How To Make An Own Design Electric SUV(4X4)

Would You Like To Create Your Own Designed SUV(4X4)?

Do You Feel yourself An Amazing Automobile Designer? Try It Out, By Converting Your Idea Into Scale reality. Make Your Own Designed SUV Or Car By Exerting The Wonderful Imaginations Into Real World.

Here, We Are Going to learn to make an amazing Own Designed SUV (4X4).

So Let’s Start making Your Own Car!

  • Required Materials.
  • 1 DC Motor
  • 2 Switches
  • Set Of Tyre
  • Cardboard
  • Pully and belt
  • 2 Red & 2 White LEDs
  • Ice-cream Sticks


  • Enthusiasm !

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Here Is A Full Video Of Making The Car:  How To Make OWN Design SUV 4X4 Pt.1 (Youtube)

How To Make OWN Design SIV 4X4 pt.2 (Youtube)

Step 1:

How To Make Electric Car
How To Make Electric Car
How To Make Electric Car
How To Make Electric Car
How To Make Electric Car

10 Most Expensive Cars 2019

  • Create All Templates.
  • Make Basic Designs
  • Download Images Of the Car For Your Reference to Design Your Own One.


  • Make Chassis.
  • Use The Template.

Step 3:

  • Create Body Of The Car Using Cardboard and Glue.
  • Give It A Shape You Desire.
  • After The Finishing Your Car’s Body, Do A Nice Color Work On It.
How To Make Electric Car

Now Enjoy The RC Car Made By Your Self.

It Seems like you have An Amazing Enthusiasm And Skills To Create Your Own Designs And Produce More DIY Functions.

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