How To Make RC Train With Cardboard – WAP7 Engine

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How To Make RC Train With Cardboard – WAP7 Engine

Are You Looking For How To Make RC Train Engine & Train Set By Your Self ?

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Trains were the most attractive machine to me from my childhood. Those heavy engines, so long Tracks, and lovely coaches. So I decided to create an amazing train engine and also to share these ideas of creating it.

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Do You Want To Make Your Own Train-set Or Train Engine? Here is a complete step by step guide to make a powerful engine for you.

So Let’s make your Train Engine:

Check out Full Video At Youtube: How To Make WAP7 Locomotive

Step 1:

Basic Designs

  • Which Train model do you want to make?
  • Gather all the possible angle photos of that train and also find out a accurately printed blueprint of that model.
  • Now printout that blueprint. It will help you to get reference measurements of your model.
  • Decide you engine’s total length and measure the lengths, widths and heights of your engine’s parts.
  • This is the ideation section. you can also change the design according to your idea. After all, it is your own train!
  • Dimensions:

Length: 50 cm

Width:    8 cm

Height: 13 cm

Raw materials

  • Popsicle sticks
  • Adhesive
  • 2 batteries
  • 1 or 2  DC Motors
  • 4 LEDs (white) , 2 Red (Optional)
  • 2 switches
  • Pulley and belt
  • Cardboard
  • Colors

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  • Basic designs
  • How To Make RC Train
How To Make RC Train
How To Make RC Train
How To Make RC Train

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In The World

Step 2:

  • Chassis

  • Cut the pieces of popsicle sticks in measured lengths
  • Create the holes for tires
  • Make 2 small chassis for each 3-3 set of tires.
  • Create set of tires in which 1 or 2 set of tires will have pulley to be fitted within.
  • Build large chassis to hold that 2 small chassis.
  • Fit all the batteries, switches and wirings in large chassis. And also fit the belt-pulley in that part.
  • Test your engine.
  • How To Make RC Train

Step 3:


  • Use the blueprint of that model to get all the measurements for body.
  • Create each parts of that body step by step
  • First base part, then side and front-rear and so on.
  • Keep those photos of engine beside you to make it much easier.
  • Fit lights in it with all the wirings.
  • Give it a smooth finish.
  • How To Make RC Train
How To Make RC Train

If You Like To Work On Interior , You Can Also Checkout Amazing Royal Coach with privet bedrooms and so much.  Here : HOW TO MAKE LUXURIOUS TRAIN COACH (With Interior)

Step 4:


  • Use the appropriate colors make it more realistic.
  • Make those outer parts like safety rails, horns, exhaust system etc. and color them.
  • How To Make RC Train

Step 5:

Railway tracks

How To Make RC Train
How To Make RC Train
  • Create railway tracks according to your engine’s track.
  • Make sleepers which can support the engine and create good balance for engine.
  • How To Make RC Train

Video – How To Make Train Tracks

Step 6:

  • Show it up!
How To Make RC Train
How To Make RC Train
How To Make RC Train
  • Your Engine is now ready to take a nice tour across the country and to serve you happiness.

It Seems like You have An Amazing Enthusiasm And Skills To Create Your Own Designs And Produce More DIY Functions.


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