Think And Grow Rich Book Review 2018

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Think And Grow Rich Book Review 2018 – Change Your Life

  • Here Is The Brief Review Of “Think And Grow Rich” Book. The Author of this book is Napoleon Hill. Think And Grow Rich Was published in 1937 and became the world’s most selling self help book.

Think And Grow Rich

  • Think And Grow rich Book is most recommended book by most of leaders and successful people. It had changed many lives and turned them into success machines.
  • This book contains many success stories and life lessons taught by legends and leaders. There are many struggles and failures before any great success. Napoleon hill had written them by personal experiences and the lessons he learned by his mentors.
  • Think and Grow Rich Had sold over 100,000,000 ( 100 Million) copies all around the world and holds record for most ever sold book. The book is mostly recommended by every successful leaders and entrepreneurs because of its easy to understand and most effective strategies of motivating quantity.
  • The book helps us to find out our passion and life goals that we want to achieve in our life. It teaches how to convert those dreams into reality and really pursue the life we want. Think And Grow Rich Book has the power to change your life and can guide and lead you to define your success.


If You Want To Change Your Life and become one of the most successful people around the world, we would highly recommend you to read this book.

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  • The Book guides step by step how to find out your passion and life goals and to create the right plans to achieve them. It teaches the strategies fuel consistently our hunger of success and maintain persistency till we finally win our life.

Here is the short brief of steps given inside the book that will help you to achieve your dreams.

  • Introduction:

In Introduction, Napoleon hill had written his life journey to find out these strategies under the mentorship of many successful leaders like Thomas A. Edison, Andrew Carnegie , Ford Henry and so many other Successors.

He studied the life of Andrew Carnegie For 20 Years who was then the world’s RICHEST And Smart Person.


  • Desire :

He teaches to find out our desire and strategized to keep the burning desire of success inside you.


  • Faith :

Faith in our self is most essential part for persistency. He had explained it by stories of successors.


  • Auto-suggestion

The medium for influencing the subconscious mind

  • Specialized Knowledge:

Personal experience or observations


  • Imagination:

The workshop of the mind


  • Organized Planning:

The Crystallization Of Desire Into Planning


  • Decision:

The mastery of procrastination


  • Persistence:

The suited effort necessary to induce faith


  • Power of the master mind:

The driving Force


  • The mystery of sex transmutation:


  • The subconscious mind:

The connecting link


  • The Brain:

A broadcasting and receiving station for thought


  • The sixth sense:

The door to the temple of wisdom


  • How to outwit the six ghosts of fear:


These were the steps Explained briefly in the book that you can master over it and become the achiever and successor.


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