Top 10 Deadliest Attack Helicopters In The World 2019

Top 10 Deadliest Attack Helicopters In The World 2019 !

Here Are The 10 Most Deadliest Attack Helicopters In The World 2019.

10. Z – 10

Deadliest Attack Helicopter

The CAIC Z-10, also called WZ-10, is an attack helicopter developed by the People’s Republic of China. It is designed primarily for anti-tank warfare missions but has secondary air-to-air capability as well. It was co-designed by Kamov design bureau of Russia under a contract with the Chinese government.

Top speed: 300 km/h
Range: 820 km
Price: $17 Million
Wingspan: 13 m
Weight: 5,540 kg
Engine type: Turboshaft
Number built: 260+

9. MI-24 Hind

Deadliest Attack Helicopter

The Mil Mi-24 is a large helicopter gunship, attack helicopter and low-capacity troop transport with room for eight passengers. It is produced by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant and has been operated since 1972 by the Soviet Air Force and its successors, along with more than 30 other nations.

Top speed: 335 km/h
Range: 450 km
Unit cost: $12 Million

8. AH-2 Rooivalk

Deadliest Attack Helicopters

The Denel Rooivalk is an attack helicopter manufactured by Denel Aviation of South Africa. Rooivalk is Afrikaans for “Red Falcon”.

Top speed: 309 km/h
Range: 740 km
Unit cost: $40 Million
Engine type: Turbomeca Makila
Number built: 12
Developed from: Aérospatiale SA 330 Puma

7. AH-1W Super Cobra

Deadliest Attack Helicopter

The Bell AH-1 SuperCobra is a twin-engine attack helicopter based on the United States Army’s single-engine AH-1 Cobra. The twin Cobra family, itself part of the larger Huey family, includes the AH-1J SeaCobra, the AH-1T Improved SeaCobra, and the AH-1W SuperCobra.

Top speed: 282 km/h
Unit cost:$10.7 million
Engine type: Turboshaft
Manufacturer: Bell Helicopter

6. A-129/T-129 (Italy/Turkey)

Deadliest Attack Helicopters

The Agusta A129 Mangusta is an attack helicopter originally designed and produced by Italian company Agusta. It has the distinction of being the first attack helicopter to be designed and produced wholly in Europe. It has continued to be developed by AgustaWestland, the successor company to Agusta.

Top speed: 352 km/h
Range: 510 km
Cruise speed: 229 km/h
Unit cost: $22 Million
Engine type: Rolls-Royce Gem

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5. AH-1Z Viper

Deadliest Attack Helicopters

The Bell AH-1Z Viper is an American twin-engine attack helicopter, based on the AH-1W SuperCobra, that was developed for the United States Marine Corps as part of the H-1 upgrade program. The AH-1Z features a four-blade, bearingless, composite main rotor system, uprated transmission, and a new target sighting system.

Top speed: 411 km/h
Length: 18 m
Range: 685 km
Unit cost: $27 Million
Engine type: General Electric T700

4. Eurocopter Tiger

Deadliest Attack Helicopters

The Eurocopter Tiger is a four-bladed, twin-engined attack helicopter which first entered service in 2003. It is manufactured by Eurocopter, the successor company to Aérospatiale’s and DASA’s respective helicopter divisions, which designate it as the EC665.

Top speed: 269 km/h
Range: 800 km
Weight: 3,060 kg
Unit cost: $31 Million
Engine type:MTR390

3. MI-28H Havoc (Russia)

Deadliest Attack Helicopters

The Mil Mi-28 is a Russian all-weather, day-night, military tandem, two-seat anti-armor attack helicopter. It is an attack helicopter with no intended secondary transport capability, better optimized than the Mil Mi-24 gunship for the role.

Top speed: 299 km/h
Range: 1,100 km
Length: 17 m
Unit cost: $15 Million
Engine type: Klimov TV3-117

2. Kamov KA-50/KA-52

Deadliest Attack Helicopters

The Kamov Ka-50 “Black Shark” is a single-seat Russian attack helicopter with the distinctive coaxial rotor system of the Kamov design bureau. It was designed in the 1980s and adopted for service in the Russian army in 1995. It is manufactured by the Progress company in Arsenyev.

Top speed: 315 km/h
Range: 545 km
Unit cost: 16,000,000–16,000,000 USD (2011)
Engine type: Klimov TV3-117
Number built: Ka-50: 32; Ka-52: 100+

Top 10 Deadliest Attack Helicopters in The World 2019

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Top 10 Deadliest Attack Helicopters in The World 2019

1 AH-64D Apache Long Bow

Deadliest Attack helicopters

The Boeing AH-64 Apache is an American twin-turboshaft attack helicopter with a tailwheel-type landing gear arrangement and a tandem cockpit for a crew of two. It features a nose-mounted sensor suite for target acquisition and night vision systems.

Top speed: 365 km/h
Unit cost: AH-64A: US$20 M ; AH-64D: US$33 M ; AH-64E: US$35.5M
Engine type: Turboshaft

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Top 10 Deadliest Helicopters in World 2019

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