Top 5 Abandoned Cruise Ships In The World 2019

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Top 5 Abandoned Cruise Ships In The World 2019

Here Are The Top 5 Most Haunting Abandoned Cruise Ships In The World Of 2019. Each Cruise has It’s Own Different And Interesting Story.

5. SS United States

Abandoned Ships

Place: Philadelphia, USA

Once, the SS United States – the sister ship to the wrecked SS America – lived something of a double life. Built as a state-of-the-art luxury ocean liner, she was also quietly outfitted with a range of top secret equipment and partially funded by the US government, in case she was ever needed as a troop transport.

SS United States did make more than 800 transatlantic crossings, setting the record for the fastest crossing in just three days, 10 hours, and 42 minutes. No ship has ever broken the record.Once a beautiful, opulent creature that carried thousands of people at a time, she was retired in 1969 and moved to a dock in Philadelphia. Today, she continues to float and rust

4. MS Lord Selkirk II

Abandoned Ships

Place: Manitoba, Canada

the MS Lord Selkirk II was once a getaway on water, carrying passengers up and down the Red River on overnight holidays. By 1990, the ageing cruise ship was deemed no longer financially viable, and was struck off charge.

The last company to own her – and try to revitalize the rusting hulk – went bankrupt, and she simply sat. The fire proved to be the catalyst for her dismantling, a process that cost $400,000 by the time she was removed from the waters she once cruised.

3. Staten Island’s Abandoned Ferries

(Images: Bob Jagendorf)

Place: New York, USA

The Rossville Cemetery is a decrepit, overrun graveyard filled with stones that haven’t been legible for centuries. And just a stone’s throw away – through a soggy, marshy stretch of desolate land – is another kind of graveyard, the final resting place for scores of rusting, abandoned ships and other vessels. It’s been called the Witte Marine Equipment Scrap Yard or the Arthur Kill Boat Yard, but it’s the last home to wrecks that once plied the coastline where they now rot.

Top 5 Abandoned Cruise Ships In The World 2019

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Top 5 Abandoned Cruise Ships In The World 2019

2. MS World Discoverer

Abandoned Ships
(Images: Philjones828)

Place: Solomon Islands

This German-built, now-abandoned cruise ship was constructed in 1974, with a double hull that allowed her the freedom to go places where others couldn’t: the icy waters of the Antarctic Peninsula. But like many vessels MS World Discoverer was sold and resold over the years.

After years of transporting scientists and researchers to study the movements of ice floes and other natural phenomenon throughout the Northwest Passage, MS World Discoverer finally met her fate on a massive rock as the ship attempted to navigate Sandfly Passage in the Solomon Islands.

The captain managed to beach the ship where it lay, preventing the foundering vessel from sinking completely. The abandoned cruise ship has since been extensively looted, but it remains a popular and slightly ironic sight on other tourist cruises through the area.

1. Wreck of the Costa Concordia

Abandoned Ships
Images: tasilo111

Place: Genoa, Italy

The fate of the cruise ship Costa Concordia is one of the most heartbreaking

tragedies in recent maritime history. Only hours after leaving port and only a stone’s throw from land, the cruise liner collided with a rocky outcrop. In the end, 32 of the more than 4,000 souls on board perished, and the ship’s captain was found guilty of manslaughter and accused of abandoning his ship – claiming that he only fell into the lifeboat by accident.

The Ship’s Cost Of manufacturing was more than $500 millions. The salvaging was estimated to cost in the region of $1.2 billion.

Top 5 Abandoned Cruise Ships In The World 2019

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Top 5 Abandoned Cruise Ships In The World 2019

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