Top 5 Cheapest Planes Under 30k 2019

Top 5 Cheapest Planes Under 30k 2019

Here Are The Top 5 Small Planes Under 30k – 2019. Best Low Priced Planes that You can Buy Right Now!

5. Cessna 150

Cheap Planes 2019
Cessna 150

The Cessna 150 was a revolutionary airplane at the time. A tricycle gear, side-by-side two-seater, the model gave instructors and students exactly what they were looking for, an easier-to-fly and -land trainer that held up to a seemingly endless succession of bad student landings.

The 150 is sometimes trimmed out and branded as the “Commuter,” and it is a surprisingly good runabout, with good visibility for sightseeing, space for a couple of good-sized duffle bags behind the seats, and enough room to seat two friendly.

Cessna built nearly 25,000 of the birds. The engine in the 150 is the Continental O-200, which purportedly produces 100 hp and burns around 7 gph. The O-200 is relatively cheap to overhaul, and parts are readily available for it.

Because they’re so plentiful and offer such modest capability, the 150 is a terrific value. You can get a good used one for as little as $15,000.

4. Ercoupe

Cheap Planes 2019

Overall, more than 5,500 of the planes were produced.Any way you look at it, the Ercoupe was an odd bird. Created by the legendary Fred Weick, the plane was designed to be hard to stall and easy to fly, and to land.

The plane is all-metal, tricycle gear and, unusually, features two-axis control, so there’s just pitch and roll. So no worry about the rudders, because there aren’t any. This means you can’t slip it like you can a conventional-control bird, but they’re still surprisingly easy to land even in a slight crosswind.

The Ercoupe got more power over the years, up to 90-hp.With a cruise speed of around 90 mph, the ‘Coupe isn’t fast, but it is pleasant to fly. Though there isn’t a lot of shoulder room in its narrow cockpit, you can slide the canopy back in flight and enjoy the breeze.

you can get a nice one for around $18,000.

3. Aeronca Champ

Cheap Planes 2019
Aeronca Champ

For those folks who want a Cub and who haven’t flown a Champ, we’d highly recommend asking a ride in one if you can.

You can find Champs of various vintages with low-time engines (they were outfitted with anywhere from a 65- to a 95-hp Continental engine) for less than $25,000, which is at least $10,000 cheaper than a comparable J-3, and that will buy a lot of gas for a lot of memorable trips aloft, but not too high. You’d be missing the point of a Champ.

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2. Cessna 170/172

Cheap Planes 2019
Cessna 170

The 170 is a taildragger and the 172 a tricycle gear plane, but the two share so much in common it’s fair to say that they are two sides of the same coin.

One is a fun, sporty grass strip time traveler, and the other is a utilitarian jack-of-all-trades that’s equally at home as trainer, IFR platform, short-haul transportation plane or just a weekend fly-thing.supremely easy-flying four-seater with great visibility and a heritage that would make any owner proud. Earlier 172s and all 170s came with a Continental six-cylinder engine, the O-300.

Both planes are quite affordable, in part because of their sheer numbers. You can find decent examples of either plane starting at around $27,000.

Top 5 Cheapest Planes 2019

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Top 5 Cheapest Planes 2019

1. Piper Cherokee 140

Cheap Planes 2019
Piper Cherokee 140

The 140 is powered by the 4-cylinder Lycoming O-320 engine, originally rated, unsurprisingly given the name, at 140 hp. The two-seat design was updated just a year later, becoming the 140-4, which could be configured as a four-seater. The update also bumped the engine on the 140 up to 150 hp.

More than 10,000 Cherokee 140s—with the vast majority being the 150 hp version—were manufactured before Piper stopped production in 1977.

The 150 hp 140 cruises at a blazing 108 kts and will travel a respectable 465 nm. It can haul around 950 pounds useful load, a decent figure for a 150 hp airplane, but many owners look at the 140 as a good-sized two-seater with a large luggage bench in back. For a nice used 140, the price can be as low as $21,000.

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Top 5 Cheap Planes 2019

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